The annual celebration of life and love for that special someone

When planning a birthday party, there are hundreds of ways and activities to do it. And sometimes, the abundance of choice would work against you instead. Therefore, to create a truly memorable birthday party for your special individual, this is the place to give you some tips!

Here, you'll find the tools that have served me best in years of creating a wonderful memoir of a birthday and advice for how to use them.

Get started right away discover tips and tricks for different activities, tutorials on how to use them and articles that help you create an experience like no other.

Ideas for Activities

A variety of games and entertainment 

for you to use

"Eureka" Moments

Instances of noteworthy sparks during our events

that we would love to share

6 engaging activities that will make your Birthday Party memorable

Read Time: 7 Mins

Activities that captures the attention of your audience, giving them a truly memorable time!

GUIDE: How To Incorporate Fun Into Your Child’s Lessons For Growth

Read Time: 10 Mins

A simple guide to let you know how your child can grow using fun filled concepts!

ELIMINATE: Frustrations of planning with this list of Birthday Party ideas

Read Time: 6 Mins

Birthday party ideas, sometimes are a pain to think of, here are some ideas to help you out!

What truly makes a memorable Birthday Party?

Read Time: 5 Mins

The three key components to make anyone remember your party!

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“A party worth sharing” - The attraction behind entertaining parties

Read Time: 8 Mins

What makes a party so attractive that people will not only remember, but share.

STORY: My Birthday Party felt truly unforgettable

Read Time: 6 Mins

Lisa's party began a disaster, but soon turned into an unforgettable moment!

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Top 8 outdoor activities your child will enjoy in 2021

Read Time: 4 Mins

As COVID lockdowns starts to ease, here are Top 8 Activities to enjoy in the fun outdoors!

5 ways your child grows through a Laser Tag Birthday Party

Read Time: 8 Mins

Growth not only comes from academics, but a well-rounded time of fun and exercise!

10 Tips for The Perfect birthday party in Singapore in 2021

Read Time: 12 Mins

Sturggling to create the perfect party? Here are 10 tips to help you!

TICK TOCK: What your child is feeling during their Birthday Party

Read Time: 8 Mins

Ever wonder what your child really wants not just before the party, but during?

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Not Just "Birthday Parties"

Laser Tag Team building Singapore

corporate teambuilding

How do you incorporate fun with 
your team values to create a

long-term growth?

Laser Tag Team building Singapore

youth gatherings

What active recreations are you able do to bring you closer to an amazing and fun-filled Social Life

Laser Tag School Singapore

school events

From CCAs, Educational Programs to School Carnivals
What do they all need?

Want a Memorable Event?