What Truly Makes A Memorable Birthday Party?

by Amanda

The goal of throwing a birthday party is to make your child feel appreciated and loved, but planning a big birthday bash is also stressful as there are many things to consider. Having fun activities to keep guests entertained is also important in hosting a successful birthday event, so we break down the concept as to what goes into a party and what truly makes it stand out.

What Truly Makes A Memorable Birthday Party?

When preparing for any event, especially a party, these are the three key areas that everyone should take note of.

1. Theme

2. Activity

3. People

As you dive down to understand deeper about these three areas, you will find that creating such a memorable party will be easier after all!

1. The Theme

As defined in the dictionary as "an idea that recurs in or pervades a work of art or literature."  The theme is the foundation of your event. It is the bedrock of excitement when you tell your friends and family about what kind of event or party it is.

If chosen correctly, this makes or breaks your event as it is the cornerstone of whether or not your potential participants will be dying to come to your party!

Aloha Birthday Party

What themes should I do or stay away from?

As above, a theme like Aloha Hawaii! would certainly attract many people to look forward to your party, however a theme like horror stories might turn off some. Even worse, I was once invited to a housewives and cleaning themed party, so that we could all "share in the pain". It was unsurprisingly quite a turn off for me to be excited about the party.

So why do themes like Aloha excite but cleaning be a turn off?

make the theme take you out of reality!

When people are excited for a holiday or an event, it is because it takes them out of their mundane everyday reality, into a fantasy or adventure away from the everyday stress! The more exciting and enjoyable the fantasy it is, the more thrilled your participants would want to come and enjoy!


Themed birthday parties are an on-trend option that is also perfect for social media opportunities, and is also a great way to ensure that your child enjoys the party with their favourite movies, characters and cartoons.

For children under 13: Movie themes are easier to plan. Top picks include popular films like Star Wars, Frozen, Avengers, Despicable Me, Tangled etc.

For girls: There are several options, such as fairy party, tea party or princess-style parties that will get your little girl excited.

For boys: Options may include Lego world, killing monsters, commando mission laser tag, Minecraft that will cater to your child’s interests.

Laser Tag Birthday Party Thumbnail

2. the activity

Excited about an event's theme but the experience was horrible? That is because, as much as the theme calls out to you, the activities inside matter much more!

Be it a Frozen theme or Army theme, if the activity doesn't go along nor energize your participants, your party is doomed.

What makes or breaks an activity?

Usually people would think that it is the fun and emotions when playing the activity that gives it life. But fundamentally, it is actually the clarity and structure behind the activity that solidifies and makes a good activity into a great one.

The planning behind how everyone plays matters the most

Even if the activities looks insanely fun to play, if only one person is enjoying it, your party will fizzle out. When planning an activity, make sure everyone has a role and a part to play so that the enjoyment can be a maximum!


A Knight-themed activity would seem weird if there was only one knight to fight, but if everyone are knights aiming for a prize; the fun increases drastically!

Activities such:

  • Balloon Duel
    • Where two people are taped to a balloon together. The last pair standing is the winner."
  • Reverse Hide and Seek
    • Where only one person hides, the rest seek. Once a person finds the hider(s), instead of announcing it, they proceed to join in on the hiding. The last person to find the entire group loses.
  • Cake Gobbler
    • Kids race to eat a piece of cake using only their mouth with their hands behind their back.

These are all activities when planned and executed well, leaves everyone with a wonderful feeling of joined excitement!

3. the people

What is a memorable party without any people remembering it? And what creates great, wonderful memories... emotions.

Strong emotions equals to great memories, when the feeling of fun and excitement has reached its peak. Remembering what happened will be easy.

Birthday Party Ideas

What creates strong emotions?

Biologically, in the brain, your positive emotions are linked to your prefrontal cortex; and as much as inner thoughts are sometimes the main driver of emotions, the surroundings and environment you are at plays a great role too!

In order to create positive emotional change, the actions and environment will be the guide to bring your partygoers from fun to elation!

Fantasy Themes away from reality can create a new positive environment for people

The joyousness of celebrating a famous culture, the gleefulness of being a princess or the manliness of winning a battle. These experiences take people to places where they wish they can be, as the hero of their own story. The emotions behind that feeling, grants a memory that is fantastically remembered.


Any party or event has these three key components, when done right, that is when you party becomes memorable.

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