This could be yours or your child's next

From 6 to 60 years old, we give you a party that you will never forget! 

With a variety of missions to play from that will leave your party with a blasting success!

Get ready to take your birthday parties to the next level

At Energize, we don’t just give you a party, we give you an unforgettable experience!

Specially Designed

Tailored missions that cater from ages 6 to 60 years old, the equipment and gameplay are all suited for you

Competitive Pricing

Starting at $27/pax, we are one of the most affordably priced Outdoor Laser Tag providers in Singapore. Check it out!

Customizable Packages

Whether you want a short party or a long event, we are able to craft an event that will suit to your every need

Expert Facilitators

Hand-selected facilitators that are trained to deliver a fully energetic and exciting party from start to end

Laser Tag Birthday Party


With multiple scenarios to play, your adrenaline will have no time to rest, as you move from objective to objective aimed at taking down the other team in our Laser Tag Birthday Party Package



Blast your way through other players as you play missions like capture the point, team deathmatch and the famous battle royale in our Laser Tag Birthday Party Package!

Laser Tag Birthday Party
Laser Tag Party


With our state-of-the-art equipment, weighing at only 1kg, all ages from 6-60 who are able bodied are ready to dominate in our Laser Tag Birthday Party Package.


Laser Tag Testimony

They went the extra mile for my son!

I have had many vendors to do different games for my son over the years, but Energize truly went the extra mile for my son during his Laser Tag Birthday Party! Putting him in the limelight among his friends and going out of their way to make it so much more fun for him, ending off with a birthday gift. I am really impressed!

KELVIN KEE  //  Father of Two

Laser Tag Testimony

I will always remember how my son enjoyed his birthday

I asked Energize to give my son a simple laser tag birthday party, but it felt like they came with their 'A' Game! The trainers were so full of energy and spunk that all of the kids at the Laser Tag Birthday Party enjoyed them so much! My son always talks about how he remembers the missions that they had played and want to play again! Definitely using you guys next time!

RALYN LIM //  Mother of Three

Laser Tag Testimony

So much more fun than Paintball and Airsoft!

I wanted to find an activity where my friends and I were able to play as a team! But I was actually quite afraid of getting shot at by real bullets :( thus I tried out Laser Tag. And I must say, Energize really delivered! From the variety of missions that we got to experience plus the way the trainers really understood what we wanted in our Laser Tag Birthday Party before we asked was amazing to me!

MELISSA TOH//Young Fun Activist


1 Hour

Dual Mission Package

Simple, easy and effective for a short fun party that makes a splash.

  • 2 Missions Minimum Playtime
  • Min: 10 Pax
  • Max: 40 Pax

1.5 Hours

Triple Mission Package

Larger, grander and a more effective move.

Best affordable option for your party.

  • 3 Missions Minimum Playtime
  • Domination Point
  • Min: 8 Pax
  • Max: 40 Pax

2 Hours

Ultimate Party Package

The all-in package. Our most exclusive option, giving you all our premium features for your party.

  • 4 Missions Minimum Playtime
  • 1 Coverage Set + Domination Point
  • Min: 8 Pax
  • Max: 40 Pax

Extra Add-Ons

We are able to provide these extra services for a better event!

Drinks Package
Under the hot sun? Get our
Drinks Pack

Drink Pack 'A': 24 Water Bottles @ $25

Drink Pack 'B': 48 Water Bottles @ $40

Coverage Set
Build your battlefield with our
Coverage Sets

1 Set:  4 Covers @ $50

2 Sets: 8 Covers @ $85

Indoor Venue Rental
We will find and book for you an
Indoor Venue Rental

Starting @ $300 for Half a Day

(Other charges may apply)


Corporate Teambuilding

Unable to energize your team through normal teambuilding games? Our corporate package aims to understand values you want to pursue and design missions to bring your best team forward!


Have a funfair, carnival or camp coming up? At the No.1 Outdoor Laser Tag company, we aim to enhance your event anytime!
At a min of 4 hours, we will cater it all for you!

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