"i am in a  better team because of this"


wE want your team enhanced!

Well-established as one of the most exciting teambuilding events in Singapore, your team will shoot off to a higher level with us!

Laser Tag Team building Singapore

Corporate Teambuilding

Our One-Shot Laser Tag Teambuilding Singapore aims to understand values you want to pursue and design missions to bring your best team forward!

You tell us what are the values you want to inspire your team with during this session and we will craft out multiple missions that will suit your every desired value.

More details below.

Laser Tag Tagtical Singapore

Tagtical (Coming Soon)

Coming Soon.

Combined with our friends at Elevate Teambuilding, we aim to take your organization cultivate them to the next level through a weekly progressive series of simulated team challenges designed to turn your team into the very best.

Laser Tag Teambuilding

Energize your company through our Laser Tag Teambuilding Singapore! 

Simulated Scenarios on a open space battlefield will challenge them to bring out their best game. Values such as strategic thinking, execution through teamwork and collaboration will engage your team to perform better while having a blast!

We are able to conduct this event indoors or outdoors, on a full day or half day program.

Laser Tag Team building Singapore

What to Expect

Corporate Package

Starting at $55/Pax

We include:

  • 20 Laser Tag Sets (Guns and Headbands)
  • 2 Medic Boxes
  • Domination Point
  • 2-3 Facilitators
  • Drinks Pack 'A'
  • 1 Set of Coverage
  • Our 'Principles' Proposal
  • 4-5 Hours (Half Day) or 8 Hours (Full Day)

Min 10 Pax, Max 60 Pax

Principled Missions

Principles incorporated 

into our missions

  • Team Battle Royale (Leadership)
  • Team Deathmatch (Collaboration)
  • Capture the Flag (Teamwork Execution)
  • King of the Hill (Strategic Thinking)
  • Guardian Angel (Strive and Sacrifice)
  • Domination (Will to Win)

Extra Add-Ons

We are able to provide these extra services for a better event!

Drinks Package
Under the hot sun? Get our
Drinks Pack

Drink Pack 'A': 24 Water Bottles @ $25

Drink Pack 'B': 48 Water Bottles @ $40

Coverage Set
Build your battlefield with our
Coverage Sets

1 Set:  4 Covers @ $50

2 Sets: 8 Covers @ $85

Indoor Venue Rental
We will find and book for you an
Indoor Venue Rental

Starting @ $300 for Half a Day

(Other charges may apply)

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