Introducing the

Laser Tag Loyalty Card



Get Rewarded For Having Fun!

Your Rewards

First Event with Us

Your first event with us, gives you the opportunity to obtain the Patriot Card, whether you were the person that booked the event OR are just a participant in the event. 

  1. If you booked the event, our facilitators will stamp your card for the first event. This gives you 10% OFF for your next event with us!
  2. If you are a participant, you are entitled to a new card without any 1st stamps.

By putting your name on the card itself, you unlock the opportunity to gain better deals from every event done with us.

to the biggest reward
to the biggest reward
to the biggest reward
to the biggest reward
to the biggest reward

your 2nd event ONWARDS

Every event with us onwards is always a better deal for you!
Enjoy this discount on us, as you am to have more exciting and memorable parties in the future!

1st stamp = 10% discount for the next event

2nd stamp = 20% discount for the next event

3rd stamp = 30% discount for the next event

4th stamp = HALF OFF for the next event

Once again,if you have participants at your events whom you would like to introduce, they are entitled to a new card without any 1st stamps. 

Be sure to let them know that they have to put down their names on the card to redeem!

our beloved patriot

You, our long time patriot, we extend to you a Full 50% OFF for your event with us.

Essentially enjoying a 1-for-1 package on us, where we constantly take your event to the next level!

Even better still, after this deal, we will give you a new card. And it does not start at zero stamps but at the 1st stamp, which entitles you a 10% discount again!

We aim to take care of our long-standing clients by treating you to better deals forever more.

FULL 50%

Ways to Use

Selected Events

Dual Mission Package (Min. 16 Pax)

Triple Mission Package (Min. 14 Pax)

Ultimate Party Package (Min. 14 Pax)

Corporate Package (Min. 20 Pax)

S.O.S Package (Min. 20 Sets)

A.T.C.O Package (Min. 20 Sets)

Applies Only 

for this Laser Tag Rental Package

S.O.S or A.T.C.O Package (Min. 20 Sets)

(This does not stack with Institution Rate given)

Coming Soon

Terms and Conditions

1 - Present this card via picture format through email when pre-booking and also during the event for confirmation of booking and discount.

2 - Only the cardholder, whose name is on the card can redeem and collect another stamp. Please present ID to verify.

3 - This card can only be used for SELECTED Energize Events, details on which events are available to be redeemed are found above.

4 - You may only redeem one Patriot Card discount at a time.

5 - The discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers (including institution rates)

6 - The booking of events is subjected to availability through enquiries