ELIMINATE: Frustrations Of Planning With This List Of Birthday Party Ideas

by Randal

There are many things to consider when planning a birthday party, but often the hardest part is coming up with a theme or activities for the party. Whether you're looking to throw an 18th birthday or celebrate your child’s first year, we've put together some easy birthday ideas.

Eliminate your frustrations of planning a birthday party with this list of ideas

Here is a list, divided into two sections:

  1. For Kids
  2. For Teens/Adults

For Kids

1. animal/pokemon themes

Every kid has a favorite animal or Pokemon! You can go for a wild, jungle safari theme, or a farmyard / barn theme.

Some activities you can plan include face painting for the kids to become their favorite animals, dress up as their favorite Pokemon or a jungle themed photo booth for everyone to take pictures.

Birthday Party Animals
Prince Princess Party

2. Prince and Princess Party

Host this party in a garden and have the girls decorate headbands with fake flowers, sequins and ribbons. Get the girls to transform into fairies with face painting, then take them on an enchanted scavenger hunt to find gems.

For the boys, a mini tuxedo or kingly robes with a crown, as they walk down a red cloth "carpet" would make them feel like the star of the show

3. Laser Tag Birthday Party

Laser tag includes all the characteristics of paintball, except the pain. A fun, safe and engaging game, laser tag is a great activity for parties because it includes everyone. 

Your kids can learn how to work effectively in teams while enjoying a rush of adrenaline! Laser tag is suitable for all ages and can be played both indoors and outdoors.


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Birthday Party in Singapore

For Teens/Adults

Movie Night

4. Movie Marathon night

Hosting a movie night at home is an on-trend and inexpensive option! You can host it open-air with a projector and a screen (or a big white blanket) if the weather is clear, while guests can mingle on picnic mats while enjoying a classic movie.

For movie snacks get a popcorn and ice cream counter on the side.

5. games night

If an 18th birthday is being celebrated with a close-knit circle of family and friends, a game night celebration is a fun any cozy option.

Include lots of party games, including the birthday boy or girl’s favorites. From video games like Switch or Wii to Board games made for as many as 20 people!

Birthday Party Game Night
Birthday Party Karaoke

6. Karaoke party

Party in the comfort of your own home or a nearby karaoke bar. You can have a winning incentive and pull out everyone’s competitive side, or spend the time screeching into the mic, but what’s more important is having fun together.

Make your party a vocal blast by adding just a tinge bit of alcohol to warm everyone up away from stage fright!

7. escape room party

Parties in escape rooms are ideal for smaller groups. These places are for groups of four to a dozen people who want to test themselves for entertainment. They can last for up to two hours, and make unforgettable evenings.

With more people aim for places with more rooms that can accommodate! Race against each other to see which team will be the best! Losing Team has to treat dinner!

Escape Room Birthday Party


Birthdays don’t mean you need to go all-out and spend a ton of money to create a memorable, fun or really special time. There are lots of fun and and inexpensive party ideas out there to help your loved one feel loved and appreciated on their special day.

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